• Michael A. Gardiner / San Diego City Beat.
    "The best restaurant in our region may not be in San Diego. It may not even be in this country. If Tijuana's Mision 19 isn't the best local restaurant, it's certainly a finalist. And that's why we crossed the border into Tijuana for what was clearly the most innovative food I have tasted recently."
  • Rick Bayless
    Chef Javier Plascencia, “is doing brilliant work” in his new restaurant Misión 19. “No one thinks this happens in Tijuana. It's beautiful, and it's in an area that's so sophisticated you can't imagine.”
  • Tru Miller, owner of the Adobe Guadalupe Winery / New York Times
    “Javier has the ability to bring Baja Cuisine to an international audience in ways that nobody has really done before”
  • Anthony Bourdain / Comic-Con 2012
    “I will personally would drive over to Tijuana to eat at Mision 19, Javier Plascencia´s place and that definitely will rock your world”.
  • Aquiles Chávez / Aquilísimo (en Tijuana)
    En Tijuana existe uno de los pocos edificios inteligentes de Latinoamérica que combinan el arte, el diseño, la ecología y por supuesto la gastronomía lo cual hacen el marco perfecto para que el talentosísimo Chef Javier Plascencia haya montado su restaurante, hoy por hoy, un clásico en la escena gastronómica de Tijuana. Estoy hablando del Misión 19. Aunque Misión 19 lleva poco tiempo en Tijuana sin duda va en camino en convertirse en uno de los nuevos clásicos gastronómicos.
  • David Landsel / New York Post
    You can eat really well in places like Mexico City, but right now, you really won’t find a restaurant quite as fresh and exciting as Mision 19. Housed in a sparkling new Zona Rio office building, this latest addition to the Javier Plascencia empire is, quite simply, one of the best restaurants in Mexico right now.
  • Dana Goodyear / The New Yorker
    This past January, Plascencia opened Misión 19, a forward-thinking restaurant with world-class ambitions. Like other chefs of his generation, Plascencia is inspired by materia prima: ingredients raised in the area he considers his territory.
  • San Diego Magazine
    Javier Plascencia’s Mision 19, touted as one of the best restaurants in Mexico right now (not just Tijuana), received ample love from The New York Times earlier this year for a cuttingedge selection of molecular gastronomy tricks combined with simple, local, Mexican flavors and ingredients. It’s a spot to “go out” and mingle with the region’s elite.
  • Bill Esparza / Street Gourmet LA
    Chef Javier Plascencia is leading Tijuana's charge into the international theater with his advocacy and singular Mision--Mision 19 that is. Plascencia is a champion of Mexico's northern cuisines: Baja California, Sinaloa, and Sonora. Regardless of innovation, Plascencia consistently brings hearty flavors to delicate plates.
  • Andrew Zimmen
    “I think people should be visiting Mexico with regularity. “I come back all the time. I love it here. And now that I know I can come and get seasalt from Javier, I will come here more often”.

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